Aggression and Measure

December 29, 2014 § Leave a comment

Bonobos, consensual playful fisting…really… if Pinker’s thesis is anywhere close to accurate, then there seems to be a grave need to redefine violence for this coming century.

The Nordic, I feel, would be the perfect terrain for investigating how absences can be employed to suffocate adversaries.

Terence Deacon in Incomplete Nature advocates in ways which are not too relevant to this project for redefinition of violence or aggression, that natural sciences too should consider a a causal role for absence.

Lets check his synthesized rules about nature of information and its relationship to energy:

1) Information potential: Information is dependent on the physical features of a communication channel or (more generally) a sign medium and so the capacity of that channel or medium to assume different states (its maximum possible Shannon entropy) determines the maximum amount of information it can convey.

2) Physical basis of information: The Shannon entropy of a communication channel or sign medium is a function of the variety of states it can assume along with the degree of their causal independence from one another. This in turn can be described in terms of Boltzmann entropy.

3) Information as absence: The maximum potential information that a signal or sign can convey must be measured with respect to signals or signs that were not produced. It can only be defined and quantified with respect to the probability of these unrealized possibilities. Even in noisy conditions where an unreliable medium does not allow complete reduction of uncertainty from the maximum Shannon entropy, any degree of reduction provides a measurable level of information.

(Shannon-Boltzmann-Darwin: redefining information, Part 1, p.15)

A superquick and super simplified way this last principle can be hijacked is to consider how a lack of response of an agency in supposed communication in effect contains maximum amount of unpronounced signal or sign.

In so far as the other party may have entered into a relationship of anticipation, it is being showered with maximum entropy. On can metaphorically label this as an act of incineration by an entropy flame thrower.


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