Harry Holland (Skyfly)

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In this system what is One? What is the human integer like? ―Saul Bellow, Mr Sammler’s Planet


La Metaphysique du Mou?

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By the end of chapter 3 of Raoul Vaneigem’s The Revolution of Everyday life  an account of a case of mental illness is presented:

‘He began to lose all capacity to distinguish between himself and the external world. Everything that happened in the world also happened in his body. He could not put a bottle between two shelves in a cupboard because the shelves might come together and break the bottle. And that would hurt inside his head, as if his head was wedged between the shelves. He could not shut a suitcase, because pressing the effects in the case would exert pressure inside his head. If he walked into the street after closing all the doors and windows of his house, he felt uncomfortable, because his brain was compressed by the air, and he had to go back home to open a door or a window. “For me to be at ease”, he would say, “I must have wide open space in front of me…. I have to be free in my space. It’s a battle with the things all around me.”’

… I have read of symptoms very similar to these, but who is this psychiatrist Volnat? and why am I thinking of Botul ?


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