Inverted Qualia ~Aversion

October 24, 2013 § Leave a comment


Mind and verbal disposition
the fixed points are the shared stimulus and the words, the ideas may be as they are so long as the external stimulus in question
is paired up with the word in question for all that are concerned

That your Red looks Green to me
for communication it makes no difference

what status to give introspection
its indispensable heuristically
it’s a sort of insight that leads to theory but it’s not explanatory
the ultimate explanation is physiological

Part 2
two computers which compute the same number of problems in the same amount of time
one translates the decimal input into binary, does the processing and then translates the output back into decimal
the other one translates into octal
what would the behaviorist approach miss?

what bothers , those who find the identity theory counter intuitive

that we feel in general that facts of identity are not susceptible to explanation ~

Is it lack of conceptual apparatus which makes us define such limits > Cant picture how a physical discovery can be linked to a person’s qualia

Part 3

Block’s neural instantiation of inverted qualia/But one doesn’t have to rely on introspective evidence


Frank Jackson’s “Knowledge argument”…Mary knows all about a color but has never seen the color….Mary has gained a new capacity but not knowledge of any new propositions about reality

# Dude in comments section mentions this book and that Frank Jackson himself has changed his mind

Functionalism  …it’s not fruitful to get down to the level of particle physics to explain economics trends….scientific essence of thought is not be found at the physical level but at the computational level

Donald Davidson’s “Anomalous Monism” each mental occurence may be linked to a physical occurence but there are not going to be any generalisations linking the two domains …at least no generalisations which have the status of laws

Sympathy  for propositional attitudes

…what would I be saying if I was a cat or Kublai Khan having a  mental state M having a physical description P?

Part 5

Epidemiological danglers, ….?

Tom said that snow is white = Tom made an utterance that means the same as my sentence “snow is white”


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