Graham Harman’s Metaphysics

October 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

Via: Avoiding the Void

Time, Space, Essence and Eidos
Time arising out of a fracture between sensual objects and sensual qualities?
Carlos Montemayor’s account
….two sorts of representations of the present. The empirical evidence points instead to a two-phase model: the sensorial present and the phenomenal present. The first is a non-conscious, multi-modal simultaneity window that is closely tied to our biological clocks and that informs our sensorimotor systems. The second is the rich conscious experience of succession or passage of time that does not obey the same metric constraints.

If -Time : minor shifts in perceived durable objects/ change within stability
How does this relate to Circadian clock /Michel Siffre?

Difference with Levi Bryant
Since objects withdraw from any contact … and not just the human mind >relations become a problem
How do relations occur? how do things affect each other? (Causality?) Isnt that a problem for physics?
Mutazilites-Asharites debate – Is the tension addressed there unique?

Latour flat ontology> all relations are mediated > there is always a local mediator ?? sounds like bull
Frédéric Joliot-Curie (link between neutrons and the politics) fuck this is poetry? yes indeed what linked Joliot and all else

Now Harman’s solution: Two real objects MUST (why ???) have a sensual object as their b-ridge and vice versa
(So there was no causality before sentience emerging in the universe?)

what? causality unfolds inside minds?
because if two things just collide they are not going to exhaust each other???!!!!

A metaphor cannot be paraphrased~Paradigm shift happens when the object is re thematised~My knowledge of the tree does not grow roots on the ground???

> Dennett on wine tasting?

for object oriented philosophy all relations form a new object
since an object is something that has a unified reality that no one can exhaust from the outside

Picasso’s Guernica is not Guernica to a 3 year old

Vicarious Causation ………….


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